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Marvellous Mouth Children's Speech and Oral Language Therapy



Speech Pathologists say ...

Sharon Jacobs CCC-SLP, Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles, California 

"Mouthercise is a wonderful add-on for speech/language therapists, clinicians and early education teachers who are seeking an interactive program that is fun in nature, while designed with thoughtful structure. It can be implemented easily with minimal material preparation.  Children are subtly and gradually enticed to participate resulting in even the most shy and reticent kids joining in, without pressure. It is a whole child approach to developing speech production and language expression." 

Therapy students say...

Graduate student, Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York, USA

"The Mouthercise program was extremely easy to navigate.  The book provided real life examples and possible scenarios that increased my understanding of the procedures.  I liked the flexibility of the program and the relaxed setting it allowed for with the students.  Specifically, allowing the students to join in when they were ready, rather than forcing them to participate immediately.  After only two sessions all the students were willingly participating, leading to great success.  The students all enjoyed the program, expecting it at the start of each session.  Some exercises were easier than others, which allowed for success intermixed with difficulties.  This prevented the students from becoming frustrated, and ultimately led to progress.  Overall, the Mouthercise program was successful for both the students and the graduate clinician.  I would certainly use the program again in the future and recommend it, when available, to colleagues."


Teachers say ...

Reviewers for the Teacher's Choice Awards 2013

" I am excited to introduce the knowledge I have gained with this product in the upcoming school year."

" I feel like I have learned so much from this product. I have struggled with getting children to hold their mouths the way they need to be held in order to make the appropriate sound. This book/manual has given me a way to demonstrate it by accessing their prior knowledge and linking it to something they know."

"I found this programme to be very helpful not only for children with speech problems, but all children can benefit from some of the techniques. I liked the extras that went along with the text."

Carol Messitt, director Newtownmountkennedy Playgroup, County Wicklow, Ireland

"Barbara Hallahan introduced Marvellous Mouth to our playgroup a couple of years ago and we have found it to be a great success in helping to develop children's speech and language. In our playgroup children love to engage with Marvellous Mouth using techniques such as Mouthercise. We have found in our playgroup that children not only join in enthusiastically but also learn to develop linguistically and socially."

Georgina Young, owner, Enniskerry Preschool, County Wicklow, Ireland

"I  recently opened up my own preschool in Enniskerry, we have been following the Marvellous Mouth Program in the preschool. 

I first met Barbara when I worked in Newtownmountkennedy Community Playgroup. I really did see the benefit of this invaluable service first hand. How the children loved to see Barbara coming how they interacted and engaged in her class: warming up the mouth, singing songs that help with the important sounds like P and F. Seeing children who have difficulty in communicating really getting involved in the songs and actions. 

I was delighted when Barbara offered to visit my preschool on a weekly basis. She has also trained me and my staff how to teach the children this program. It is now part of our curriculum the children get to do it at least 2 or 3 times a week. I have the songs and pictures displayed in the room. The children really do enjoy and take part in the lessons, They also go home singing the songs. They are improving their speech and language with these techniques and the children just think it’s fun. I would love for other services to see the benefit first hand. We do it as a group activity with all the children but I have 3 children within my small preschool of 8 children who have speech delay and I have seen the improvement, so can you imagine in bigger settings, how many children could be helped if the staff/teachers where trained to do this program.    

As a childcare worker who is adhering to the Síolta and Aístear Framework in my preschool Barbara’s program really does tick all the standards helping children to be able to communicate and express the emotions, it helps with frustration, it helps them to socialize and talk and most importantly that their peers and adults around them can understand what they are trying to say. 

Children who have difficulty with speech at the early stages often develop more serious problems as they get older especially behaviour problems because they can’t get their point across. That is why it is important to get help at a young age.  

I would with no hesitation recommend this programme and I think it would be of great benefit to all early learning centres."


Parents say…

Lorainne Tsan, Parent, County Wicklow, Ireland

"Before Mouthercise our son Dylan was very frustrated because of his inability to express himself or to communicate verbally with us. We found that Dylan thoroughly enjoyed Mouthercise and learned in a fun and relaxed way. We were delighted to find Mouthercise and the results were amazingly good. We would recommend Mouthercise without any hesitation. Thank you Barbara."

Parents of children who participated in control study

" [She] speaks highly of her "speech therapy" her words! The songs and the handouts have been great. [She] is very proud showing them to me."

" I have noticed an improvement in her speech all the time."

Allied professionals say…

T. Berry Brazelton MD, Founder Brazelton Touchpoints Center, Boston Children's Hospital

"Mouthercise is an excellent resource for teachers of children two to five who are ready to speak.
I especially like Barbara's advice to allow children to learn when they are ready and to learn from their peers."

 Catherine Crowley, O.T.D., OTR/L, Director of the Minor in Occupational Science Program, USC; Consulting Program Director at Atwater Park Center, Los Angeles, California

 "Barbara is a gifted, creative speech therapist who worked with the young children at my center. She engaged children of many different abilities, showing remarkable innovation in her creative ability to spontaneously shift gears from her planned presentation to meet the needs of the children so they could attend and participate to the best of their abilities. 
Her creativity and good humor showed experience and depth, knowledge of young children, and a fine-tuned ability to be in synch with each of them while running a group. She is an amazing practitioner and a great person!"


Special educators say…

Sandra West, Teacher at St. Michael's Primary School and Centre for Autism, County Meath, Ireland

"I am a teacher in a specific class for children with autism. Most of the children in my class would be non-verbal or have developing speech. Barbara Hallahan introduced Marvellous Mouth and Mouthercise to the class. The children loved this programme as it was learning through 'play'. I have continued to use this programme with great success."

 Brenda Ferris, Senior teacher in autism unit at Scoil Mhuire, Navan, County Meath, Ireland

"As a teacher I found the approach to working on oral difficulties to be fun, creative and child and adult friendly It was well explained and progress was quick for most students."